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The third trimester of pregnancy is the last phase of the development of the baby inside the body of a mother. This is the time period where your baby gets mature rapidly and you might experience various changes in your body, mood, etc. the third trimester of pregnancy usually begins at 28 weeks and lasts till 40 weeks or till childbirth whichever comes earlier that is 7-9 months.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of The Third Trimester?

Although every body is different , and pregnancy symptoms may vary from person to person. But there are still some common symptoms every woman goes through in their last phase of pregnancy that is the third trimester. The baby grows a lot during this trimester the weight might triple. Hormonal changes that you have been experiencing throughout the pregnancy elevate and become more intense during this trimester. The symptoms can be challenging ,emotionally and physically but you have ultimately reached your goal of becoming parents.

Sore, Aches And Pains

In pregnancy, the relaxation of hormones prepares your body for childbirth by loosening the ligaments in the pelvis and finally softening and widening the cervix. While this is helpful in making childbirth easier meaning the muscles have to work harder for supporting the babys increasing weight. All this leads to more pain, discomfort, especially in the back, pelvis and legs area.

Sleeping Issues

The fatigue and low energy levels that you have experienced in the first and second trimester due to hormonal changes, continues in the third trimester. Fatigue is a common symptom that usually is because of problems with sleeping patterns.

Recurring Urination Or Incontinence

Due to the increasing size of the baby more pressure is exerted on the bladder. Therefore, in the third trimester frequent urination is one of the common symptoms. Also, frequent added pressure can also cause urine to leak like laugh, cough, bend over or while picking things up. This is a kind of pelvic floor dysfunction known as stress incontinence. It usually goes away in the months following childbirth.


Pregnancy exhibits major changes in a woman’s body, with pregnancy volume of the body increases and retains certain fluids differently to support the baby. Therefore it is normal to experience mild swelling in hands, face, legs, ankles or feet especially when a woman is closer to childbirth.

Swelling can be witnessed while standing for longer periods, involvement in some kind of activity or spending time in hot environments like under the sunlight. Nevertheless immediate consultation with a healthcare provider is mandatory if any sudden changes in terms of swelling are experienced. As it may be a sign of preeclampsia a complication of pregnancy that involves high blood pressure and possible damage of organs if left untreated.

Skin Changes

As the skin continues to stretch, you may experience stretch marks on breasts, stomach and thighs. This might get accompanied by itchiness, in addition with pigmentation on your skin may become more pronounced leading to color patches on your body.

What Fetal Development Happens In The Third Trimester?

In the third and final trimester of pregnancy witnesses a lot of growth of the baby. The organs of the baby continue to mature and grow rapidly. The weight of the baby increases, their bones will harden and their hair begins to grow along with their fingernails and toenails.

Some of the changes an expecting mother may experience and these are as follows-

● Heartburn

● Shortness of breath

● Leaky breasts

● Frequent urination

● Pain in abdomen and back region

What Is Third Trimester Pregnancy Care?

● Check on your weight- expecting mother might experience weight gain in the third trimester

● As per doctor’s recommendation, carry on with exercise, meditation and breathing exercises.

● Schedule regular follow ups and regular visits to the doctor.

● Monitor blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Pregnancy hormones relaxe the valve between stomach and esophagus that leads to reflux and heartburn. Those who go through heartburn can try:

● Avoiding foods that make heartburn symptoms worse like chocolate, spicy foods and caffeine.

● Avoid eating two hours prior to bedtime.

● Avoid bending over or lying down after meals.

● Avoid sodium bicarbonate, magnesium trisilicate or aspirin.

Try staying active in your third and last trimester. You can get involved into exercises as it has a lot of benefit when you are pregnant like relieving back pain and swelling, helping you sleep better and improving the energy levels drastically. But always consult the doctor prior to getting involved in any kind of exercises as it may be harmful if not performed in the right way.

What Are The Signs Of Preterm Labor?

● Menstrual cramps or pain or pressure in the pelvis that happens in a pattern

● Increase or change in vaginal discharge

● Low, dull backache that does not go away even after changing positions

● Six or more contractions in an hour

● Light or mild vaginal bleeding or spotting

When To Consult The Doctor?

● Swelling of legs

● Loss of baby movements

● Bleeding

● Painful contractions frequently

● Pain during urination

● Severe headaches and dizziness

● Copious vaginal discharge mixed with blood


It is always mandatory to consult the doctor if any symptoms that are abnormal are witnessed during the third trimester of pregnancy. As this is the last phase, you may experience some drastic changes in your body due to the rapid fetal development in the stomach. It is advisable to schedule regular follow ups and consultations with the doctor as he might suggest certain medications, blood tests, and vaccines that are required during the third trimester. Sincerely following of the instructions would help you and your baby in the long run without any complications.

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