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Have you been a victim of repeated miscarriages? Is it becoming difficult for you to conceive a child? If this is you, then consider consulting Benison IVF. We are the leading IVF centre in Delhi, bringing the joy of a child into the lives of the people struggling to bear one. Our platform is among Delhi’s best IVF surrogacy centres, with advanced technologies and surrogacy experts making it all possible!

We understand how difficult it may get to find a surrogate and successfully execute the expensive procedure. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive arrangement for surrogacy treatment under an affordable budget for the families.

Whether your biological clock has long ticked away or a medical condition keeps you from conceiving, our surrogacy services are here to help you. Here is everything about surrogacy that you must know before considering getting one!

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the conceiving arrangement where an individual (surrogate mother) agrees to bear and conceive the baby for a couple. The agreement to carry a child is legally binding, meaning that the woman consenting to it bears and gives the baby to the parents once delivered. The intended parents will receive legal guardianship and custody once the baby is born. Surrogacy is emerging as a helping hand to people who do not wish to go through pregnancy and its complications, couples with medical causes, homosexual couples, and singles.

The surrogacy process is complex, involving an extensive series of legal and medical steps. Therefore, relying on a trusted and professional surrogacy expert becomes integral to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly. Benison IVF Hospital has helped thousands of couples in their surrogacy journey by offering them medical and emotional support. Even the complex process becomes hassle-free when you have the support of the best doctors and experts!

Who Is Involved In The Process?

The surrogate or birth parent is a woman who agrees to carry and give birth to a child for the patient couple. The commissioning or intended parents are couples or individuals who wish to have a child via surrogacy. The process of surrogacy can be life-changing for both parties involved.

Before starting the treatment, you must consider other people like the surrogate’s partner, children of the surrogate, any children of the commissioning parent(s), sperm or egg donors and their families. Since the process is legally binding, you must rely on a trustworthy IVF India centre.

Reasons you might need Surrogacy

The most common reason to go for surrogacy is when you are not able to get pregnant yourself. However, it is not the only reason people choose surrogacy. There are many reasons why you might consider opting for surrogacy, some of them are mentioned below-

  • Advanced age

  • Recurring miscarriages

  • Recurring IVF failures

  • Having Hysterectomy

  • Having a chronic or severe health condition

  • Singles or gay couples (not legal in India)

If you relate to any of the reasons above, then you must navigate your options in surrogacy. Our expert counsellors will help you understand all that is there to know about surrogacy. At Benison IVF, we ensure your reason for surrogacy is heard and catered to!

Types of Surrogacy

Two methods of surrogacy are widely used across India, and that is Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy. Here is an overview of both the methods available in our IVF surrogacy centre Delhi. Only Gestational surrogacy has been allowed by the law (Surrogacy Bill).

  • Traditional Surrogacy 

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate donates her egg, which is fertilised with the sperm of the intended parent. The process takes place with the help of artificial insemination or IVF. In such cases, the baby is related to the surrogate biologically. This establishes a genetic link between the surrogate and the intended parent. This method is not legal/ allowed as per the Surrogacy Bill.

  • Gestational Surrogacy 

In the gestational method, the embryo, fertilised using the sperm and egg of the intended parents, is placed into the womb of the surrogate. With the backing of advanced IVF services, the whole process is more personalised for the intended parents. The method is also used when traditional surrogacy is not available in the country of your chosen surrogate.

The method allows a direct, genetically linked connection between the intended parents and the child. If the patient couple has the embryo saved from their past IVF procedures, then they can go for gestational surrogacy without any bother. You can find both methods available in Benison IVF Delhi at cost-effective prices.

How To Choose A Surrogate?

There aren’t any legal regulations as to who your surrogate can be. But medically, some fundamental criteria have been followed across all successful surrogacies. The highlights of the criteria are given below-

  • The surrogate must be 25-35 years old.

  • The surrogate must have cleared the psychological screening test in dealing with issues regarding giving the baby post-delivery.

  • The surrogate must not have any chronic health condition.

  • She must understand her responsibility in prenatal care and is ready to fulfil it all.

Get help from the best surrogacy centre in Delhi

Benison IVF and health care clinic has a long-standing reputation in Northern Delhi and has been recording successful surrogacy arrangements for many years. With a team of expert doctors and advanced technology, we bring joy into the lives of our patients with seamless fertility treatments. Our convenient location makes it easier for our patients to locate us for their surrogacy needs.

Benison IVF Centre houses the leading endocrinologists and other medical experts with years of experience executing surrogacy treatments. We understand the complexities associated with surrogacy. Therefore we offer personalised care to every patient from all walks of life. If you are also struggling to conceive a child, let the best IVF clinic in Delhi assist you with the affordable care you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is surrogacy expensive?

Yes, surrogacy is an expensive process, but it also depends on the method of surrogacy you are opting for. Benison IVF hospital offers the surrogacy arrangement under the budget of the patient couple.

Q- What are some ethical considerations involved in surrogacy treatment?

Using the surrogacy method to conceive raises ethical questions around issues such as exploitation, the commodification of the female body, and the child’s welfare through surrogacy. All the parties involved must consider all these concerns.

Q- What do Benison IVF reviews for surrogacy treatment say?

The reviews for the surrogacy arrangement by Benison IVF range from good to excellent. The satisfaction rate of patient couples after surrogacy is above satisfactory.

Q- Where can I find a reliable surrogacy provider in Delhi NCR?

Benison IVF is operating as the best IVF specialist in Delhi NCR for their seamless procedures and the affordability they offer. From IVF, surrogacy, infertility concerns and fertility preservations, you will be assured of quality treatment only.

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