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Preserving a male’s sperm to try and bear children in the future is what sperm freezing is all about. Sperm freezing is a successful method worldwide. Moreover, it stores sperm to be a helpful element in another person’s treatment.

Sperm freezing or sperm banking at Benison IVF and health care clinic is a method for keeping the couples’ likelihood of bearing a child. This is also helpful when the male partner is in a high-risk occupation or about to go through specific medical processes or treatments.

If you are interested in such a process, here is everything you need to know.

For Whom Is Sperm Freezing?

  • Aged people

If you are an older adult or about to reach older adulthood, you may seek sperm freezing for the preservation of your odds of conceiving. The quality of your semen decreases as you grow old. This is due to decreased sperm concentration, mobility, and morphology.

  • Men undergoing cancer treatment

If you are someone who is suffering from prostate or testicular cancer, the treatment may integrate surgeries that remove one or both testicles.

Also, people going through cancer treatment may wish to freeze their sperm. Radiation and chemotherapy, part of cancer treatment, may result in decreased sperm quality or infertility.

  • Men employed in hazardous occupations

If you’re working at hazardous job sites or are deployed in the armed forces, you might choose to freeze or bank your sperm.

  • Other reasons

Other men who may choose to bank their sperm incorporate those starting testosterone replacement therapy. It might also include couples going through IVF or other fertility therapies.

What Should One Consider Before Going For A Sperm Freezing At Benison IVF India ?

Since it depends on the clinic where the sperm freezing will occur, the process does not generally need a lot of preparations. More often than not, it comprises health check-ups to prevent certain conditions from spreading to the unborn child or mother.

For instance, a majority of clinics will do an HIV and hepatitis check-up before letting a person freeze or bank their sperm. The medical practitioner might ask questions regarding Zika, ebola, and other contagious diseases.

There might be additional tests associated with fertility both in males and females after the health checks. In males, there might be an analysis of semen to check sperm count, motility and morphology.

About The Process

As soon as you are through with the necessary tests and have given your agreement, you are ready for sperm freezing. As our Benison IVF centre specialist  will be able to provide you with particular instructions regarding the procedure, it’s good to know how it goes. Below we have mentioned rough guidelines of the sperm-freezing process:

Firstly, you will have to provide semen through masturbation. This step can be performed either at home or at the clinic. But you must remember that it should be taken to the lab within the first hour after discharge if it’s performed at home.

The staff inside the lab will examine the semen to make sure the presence of enough sperm quality. After that, it will be divided into several vials and frozen at about 196 degrees Celsius. The freezing procedure at Benison IVF Delhi will take anywhere around 3 hours.

If the sperm are not present in the sample or if the person fails to ejaculate, there might be possibilities of surgical retrieval. In this situation, a surgeon will directly remove sperm from the person’s testicle.

Legal Consideration

There are legal considerations for sperm freezing. This implies you will have to sign a legal document that’ll decide what happens to your sperm if you do not pay the storage fees, for instance. Moreover, you will determine how you and your partner can utilize the sample.

Risk Associated with Sperm Freezing

In general, there is no risk to men when it comes to sperm freezing. Damage is not likely when freezing a sperm, and the risks of birth defects reported in males going for sperm freezing is nil.

Birth defects have happened at a similar rate in loads of frozen-sperm-conceived children as in normal children.

What To Eat And Avoid Before Sperm Freezing?

Prior to undergoing the sperm freezing process at a clinic, you need to maintain a nutritious diet. This will eventually maximize the odds of freezing a healthy batch of sperm. You can go for the following foodstuff if you have decided to freeze your sperm:

  • Oyster
  • Garlic
  • Bananas
  • Walnuts
  • Sardines

Avoid eating fried food, high-fat dairy products, and soy products before the process. Along with a healthy diet plan, consider a workout regime and good mental health to maintain the overall health of your sperm. Get more details about the diet before sperm freezing from our experts at Benison IVF clinic.

Sperm Freezing at Benison IVF Clinic and Healthcare

At Benison IVF Hospital, patients can expect an all-inclusive semen freezing procedure with our well-versed team. We will thoroughly analyse to know what storage option will suit you the best. The facility at our IVF hospital is equipped with advanced technology and machinery. Call us to schedule your appointment with any of our specialists. Know everything about sperm freezing with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can the sperm be frozen?

No limit is associated with the freezing of sperm. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that the sperm is stored nicely inside liquid nitrogen.

Q: How many samples are needed to freeze?

It is recommended to freeze two samples for storage prior to going for surgery or therapy. But, it is your choice for how many samples you’ll freeze. But, the number of samples you will freeze at  Benison IVF is a matter of choice.

Q: How many breaks do you need to take to ejaculate between collections?

At Benison IVF, you’ll be asked not to ejaculate for 2 to 5 days before coming to our clinic for sperm donation. Some males might need to wait longer.

Q: What is the ideal age for sperm freezing?

The ideal age to freeze the sperm depends on one’s individual situation. But, certain factors to consider will determine whether it is right to go for sperm freezing or not.

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