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Are you worried about your lower fertility chances due to PCOS? Do you face trouble maintaining your menstrual cycle? If so, remember you are not alone! Every one woman out of 10 is affected by PCOS in their reproductive age. But with the right treatment, PCOS is reversible out and out. Benison IVF is one such platform that helps you treat all the symptoms of PCOS with its holistic and personalised approach.

PCOS is not just a delay or absence of periods but can cause infertility in women diagnosed with it. The overwhelming symptoms of PCOS can even deteriorate women’s health if not treated on time. We at Benison IVF provide comprehensive treatment for PCOS from scratch! Our experienced team of gynaecologists and reproductive endocrinologists ensure to treat PCOS and hence, infertility. Here is everything you must know about PCOS before beginning your treatment with us!

What Is PCOS?

PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a hormonal imbalance disorder that affects women’s reproductive functioning. This common disorder occurs when there is an imbalance in the sex hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. In most cases, PCOS can enlarge the ovary size of women while

releasing more male hormones into the body. The release of excess hormones in the body disrupts the normal functioning of the ovaries and results in multiple complications such as-

  • Irregular periods– Delayed or absent periods indicate that ovaries are not releasing eggs regularly.

  • Excess androgen levels– High secretion of male hormone androgen leads to excessive body and facial hair growth.

  • Polycystic ovaries– Enlarged ovaries containing fluid sacs (follicles) surround the eggs in the ovary. These sacs are up to the size of 8mm, making it difficult for the egg to release.

If you have any of the two major symptoms of PCOS, you must get tested for PCOS! Moreover, there are many cases where women do not have the identifying symptoms of PCOS but are still diagnosed with it!

Symptoms of PCOS 

The symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome are usually visible in women’s late teens or 20s. Benison IVF and health care clinic helps identify the PCOS symptoms using its latest technological equipment and firm analysis by expert doctors. However, these symptoms can vary from woman to woman. Some of the common symptoms are mentioned below-

  • Irregular periods or no periods

  • Weight gain

  • Thinning of hair lining or hair loss

  • Oily skin or frequent acne

  • Difficulty in getting pregnant due to no or irregular ovulation

  • Excess hair growth on the face, back, chest, and buttocks

  • Trouble in handling emotional challenges like depression or anxiety

Some PCOS patients also face a high risk of encountering severe health problems like high cholesterol levels and Type 2 diabetes. It is also important to note that not every PCOS patient is diagnosed with these conditions.

What Are The Possible Causes Of PCOS?

It is difficult to name one exact cause for PCOS in women. As per leading gynaecologists, the cause of PCOS might be inherent in families or due to other factors, such as –

  • Insulin Resistance: Insulin resistance occurs when the body’s cells become resistant to the insulin produced by the pancreas. This can cause an increase in insulin levels, which can lead to the production of excess androgens (male hormones), causing PCOS.

  • Hormonal Imbalances: PCOS is often characterised by hormonal imbalances, including high levels of androgens (male hormones), low levels of estrogen, and high levels of luteinising hormone (LH).

  • Genetic Predisposition: PCOS may have a genetic component, as it tends to run in families. It is possible that your mother or grandmother may have had PCOS. Therefore it is advised to confirm the same in advance.

  • Inflammation: Chronic inflammation can disrupt hormone levels and contribute to the development of PCOS. It is generally seen that women with PCOS experience higher inflammation due to the presence of the male hormone in their bodies.

  • Obesity: Being overweight or obese can increase the risk of developing PCOS, as excess fat can lead to insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances.

If you wish to know the personal cause for exhibiting symptoms of PCOS, then reach out to Benison IVF!

How PCOS And Infertility Are Related?

The impact of PCOS on infertility is inevitable. PCOS affects the period cycle, which in turn affects ovulation, finally leading to infertility in women. A non-treated PCOS can give rise to “anovulation,” where the ovaries release no eggs even during menstruation. In such a case, women acquire cysts in their ovaries (ovulation failure), leading to infertility.

The presence of male hormones and insulin also contributes to delayed or irregular periods. This irregularity in the periods can lead to difficulty getting pregnant or raise the chances of miscarriage in rare cases. PCOS is one of the factors that may affect pregnancy. However, it is important to know that not every woman with PCOS gets infertile.

Benison IVF Centre is a reliable PCOS treatment centre that eliminates all the hurdles in conceiving. With a team of IVF specialists and gynaecologists, we provide comprehensive PCOS treatment that helps regulate your periods and increases your chances of fertility.

What Diagnosis Method Do We Use For PCOS?

We at Benison IVF Hospital use advanced technology and laboratory assistance to bring forward the safest methods for diagnosing PCOS. Our expert doctors first analyse the signs and symptoms to decide which diagnosis methods work for a specific patient. Through this evaluation, our doctors will also ask for information on your medical history, weight changes, period cycle, and other symptoms. Some important tests for PCOS diagnosis are as follows-

  • Physical Examination: Under physical examination, our doctors record your basic information like height, weight, blood pressure, etc., to run further analysis.

  • Pelvic Check-up: In the pelvic examination, Bension IVF’s doctors will examine your reproductive parts to inspect any irregularities or abnormalities, manually or visually.

  • Blood Tests: Our specialists also advise blood tests to the patients to check the levels of certain hormones in the body, like AMH, LH, FSH, and testosterone.

  • Ultrasound: Our doctors also advise the ultrasound examination of the pelvis or lower abdomen (case specific) to check the state of your ovaries and to measure the lining of the uterus.

How Do We Manage The Treatment Of PCOS?

At Benison IVF, we strategise the PCOS treatment by focussing on managing patients’ specific concerns like obesity, infertility, acne, hirsutism, etc. It is how we streamline our treatment process for PCOS –

  • Lifestyle Modification: The first and foremost step in managing and treating PCOS is undergoing a complete lifestyle modification. Our doctors will advise you to lose weight and recommend more physical exercises in your routine. You must cut down on junk food from your diet and eat healthily. Just the slightest reduction in weight can improve your diagnosis.

  • Hormonal Pills: Our doctors will prescribe hormonal medicines to regulate your period cycle. Such medications work like birth control pills decreasing the androgen production in your body. You may be required to take this hormonal medication for 10, 15, or 21 days depending on the severity of your case.

  • Metformin: Metformin is another medication our doctors recommend to improve insulin resistance in your body. This medication is generally given to patients with Type 2 diabetes. This medication regulates periods, soothes insulin levels, and helps lose weight with proper diet and exercise.

  • Ovulation medication: If you are diagnosed with PCOS and looking to get pregnant, you will be prescribed an ovulation medicine to boost your ovulation process. However, these medications are taken in the first part of the period cycle. Doctors may prescribe the two most common ovulation medications: Clomiphene and Letrozole.

  • Reduction in excess hair growth: The excess hair growth on the face and other body parts in PCOS is treated with hormonal medications prescribed by our expert doctors. These medications decrease the production of androgen in the body, leading to a reduction in hair growth. However, hormonal or birth control medications are not advised during pregnancy or while planning a pregnancy.

Why Choose Benison IVF For PCOS Treatment?

When the underlying symptoms of PCOS cause infertility, you must consult a specialised doctor to help you conceive naturally or via IVF procedures. Benison IVF is one of the leading IVF hospitals that renders comprehensive treatment for PCOS. Our expert team of reproductive endocrinologists, gynaecologists and other IVF specialists provides top-notch treatment that helps you conceive without any difficulties.

As the best IVF clinic in Delhi, our success rate in handling complex infertility cases speaks for itself. We have decades of experience improving female health and reversing any abnormality that may keep them from conceiving a child. Our doctors believe in giving personalised care and attention to every patient after understanding the case-specific case requirement.

With the help of our advanced tech equipment and in-house laboratories, we run the diagnosis check-up of our PCOS patients and advise the treatment accordingly. We help reverse the symptoms of PCOS with our holistic PCOS management approach. We aim to improve every woman’s reproductive health at affordable costs. Choose us and take a step forward to improved health!

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