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Are you stressed about the IVF treatment and the procedure it undergoes? The process of egg retrieval can be challenging and overwhelming both at the same time. One of the vital stages in the IVF treatment is the collection of eggs known as ovum pick up, where the eggs are possessed for fertilization. While the egg retrieval process might be stressful for the couple, it is a completely safe and routine procedure.

Taking necessary precautions pre and post the egg retrieval process is invincible, as it maximizes the chances of a required result. Benison IVF provides a comprehensive guide, especially adhering to the steps that you require and the precautions that you must consider moving forward to the ovum pick-up procedure. Benison IVF has top Reproductive endocrinologists for IVF treatment.

What Is Ovum Pick Up?

Ovum Pick is the oocyte retrieval from a woman’s ovaries that is part of the fertility treatment process. Then, eggs are fertilized outside with the help of IVF/ICSI. It is a short process in which the eggs are collected in the ovarian follicles with the help of a needle. The procedure comes under the purview of surgery and, therefore, is a surgical procedure. The whole process is painless and usually uncomplicated.

Ovum pickup is an integral part of fertility treatment, mature eggs after the collection from the ovaries are fertilized using the sperm of your partner. Apart from that, Ovum pick is also very helpful in the case of an older woman looking for the preservation of their eggs.

Preparation For The Ovum Pick-Up

There are necessary useful steps that you must follow before your ovum pick-up procedure and these are as follows-

  • Regular Tests and checkups- The doctor needs to check the condition of your health before getting into the process of fertility treatments. You need to undergo the fertility tests and discuss with the fertility specialist regarding the ovum pick-up procedure. The specialist might prescribe certain tests and checkups to check whether you are the right fit for the treatment or not.

  • Injections for hormones- hormone injections are given to the person in the cycle leading up to the ovum pick up. Finally, one injection known as a trigger is given 34-35 hrs before the pickup procedure.

  • Fasting- One of the most important things you need to know is that you have to undergo overnight fasting if you are going for treatment in the morning. Apart from this if not overnight you must fast for at least 6 hours without drinking liquids for a minimum of 4 hours. Medications are strictly not allowed except for certain kinds of medication such as for chronic conditions like thyroid, or blood pressure.

  • Follicles monitoring- the specialist will keep you under constant supervision as a part of the treatment process. There will be monitoring of the follicles so that the ovum pickup can be carried out at the right time. Also, the ovum pick-up is processed just before the ovulation so that the mature eggs are removed before you ovulate.

  • Trigger injection- you would also require the HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone injection around 34-35 hours before the procedure. This is the last trigger injection that ensures your ovulation is controlled till the procedure is completed.

Before The Ovum Pick-Up Procedure

Before the fertility treatment, you would be required to fill out the form and undergo an interview where you will be asked about your health condition and your partner as well. In the form, you can mention your health issues if any. Small or big health conditions you must discuss with your doctor before the ovum treatment.

A needle also known as a venous catheter will be inserted into the vein to know certain medications or fluids that are necessary for the treatment. Just before the treatment, you will have to ensure that your bladder is empty, which makes it easier to puncture the tissue with the help of a needle without injuring the bladder.

The Ovum Pick-Up Procedure

The specialist during the retrieval process would have to look at the health of your egg from the previous few weeks. The anesthesiologist then would begin the retrieval of the egg by administering light intravenous sedation as per your comfort.

Afterward with the help of an ultrasound, ovaries are focused. Then the surgeon inserts a small tiny hollow needle that is attached to a catheter with a suction capacity through the vaginal wall. Surpassing the vaginal wall the needle pierce down the ovary and suction the fluid out from the follicles that contain the developed eggs.

Then the follicular fluid containing the eggs is contained in test tubes labeled with the name of the person using light suction. Once the eggs are collected they are immediately rushed to the IVF lab, where the embryologist would place the eggs in media for a few hours before fertilization or freezing. The actual timeline for retrieving eggs is only 5-15 minutes.

You should know that the egg retrieval procedure is a short process and many women find the process to be pain-free. With the procedure minor cramping or discomfort can be witnessed. Just after the procedure, you will be required to recover for a few hours before being sent home for rest.

What Happens After The Procedure?

Just after the procedure, you will need to have a short rest so that the effects of anesthesia wear off. This venous catheter will be removed. Certain precautions are necessary to be taken like ensuring that you do not drive by yourself, do not indulge into intercourse, avoid lifting heavy weights, drink plenty of fluids, and take a high protein diet. The after-effects of the intravenous medications take time to completely wear off. You will be asked to have light meals, 2-3 hours after the pick up.

Although there are no serious symptoms after the ovum pickup. Some of the milder side effects you might experience can be light vaginal bleeding, spotting or pain. Apart from all this, if you do experience any major symptoms then you should immediately consult the doctor.

Apart from this, you can even experience the above-given symptoms as well and these are as follows-

  • Pain, soreness, or heaviness especially in the pelvic area.

  • In rare cases, there could be a possibility of nausea.

In case of serious complications like severe pain in the lower abdomen, passing out, vaginal bleeding, or fever, immediately consult the clinic.

Precautions after the ovum pick-up

  • Avoid any heavy work on the day of ovum pickup.

  • Avoid driving by yourself.

  • Avoid any activities in water such as swimming or bathing.

  • Avoid having intercourse.


The fertility treatment process helps you produce the mature eggs that you require and then collect them at the right time through ovum pickup. Then they will get fertilized with an IVF procedure.

If you are unsure about your and your partner’s fertility then visit Benison IVF clinic. You get specific fertility tests that you require based on individual concerns and conditions. If you are ready to know more about the egg pick-up procedure and how it can help you achieve fertility standards. Then Benison IVF Clinic is here for you, immediately book your free appointment.

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