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Oligospermia-Causes And Its Symptoms

Do you know male infertility is one of the biggest reasons behind infertility in many cases? But unfortunately, very few people know about it. In this blog, we will talk about what is male infertility, its causes, and symptoms. Low sperm count or Oligospermia affects a lot of men. A condition where the number of sperm that are produced by the testicles is quite low and can result in infertility. Men suffering from low sperm counts may struggle to conceive a child.

Although the good news is that Low sperm count is treatable and there are various options available for men to enhance their probability of having a baby. In this blog, we are going to educate you on what low sperm count is, its causes, and various treatment options that will help men eliminate this condition.

What Is Oligospermia Or Low Sperm Count?

Oligospermia, also called low sperm count, is a male reproductive health condition where there is low sperm count in the ejaculate. As per the WHO World Health Organization, a sperm count of less than 16 million sperm in a milliliter of semen is known as oligospermia. Sperm count is an important factor in the fertility of men, and a low sperm count can come in between the ability to conceive.

Who Can Get A Low Sperm Count?

Low sperm count can affect men of all ages, teenagers, and even adults. It is the most common condition observed in men suffering from infertility. Factors like age, lifestyle, any medical conditions, and exposure to environmental factors can increase the risk of developing oligospermia.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

Many factors might contribute to low sperm count. Some of these are as follows-

Lifestyle– some of the factors related to lifestyle such as smoking, extensive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and unhealthy eating can majorly affect sperm production and its quality.

Diseases– medical conditions such as testicular cancer, imbalances of hormones, or genetic disorders can impact low sperm count.

Medications– medications like testosterone replacement therapy, chemotherapy, and many more can lead to low sperm count too.

Other factors such as exposure to chemicals and toxins can also impact the production of sperm and their quality.


What Are The Symptoms Of Oligospermia?

Low sperm count does not directly show the obvious symptoms. But potential signs can be traced like-

  • Problems in conceiving

  • Changes in sexual desire

  • Any pain or swelling in the testicles

  • Issues related to hormones such as depleting facial or body hair

  • Whenever you see any of these symptoms it is mandatory to consult a medical professional, that would guide you better on Oligospermia and its treatments.

How Does Oligospermia Affect Fertility In Males?

Oligospermia affects the quality and quantity of sperm, thus ultimately affecting male fertility by hindering the number of sperm available for fertilization, reducing the chances of a successful pregnancy.


In the end, low sperm count is a usual issue that majorly affects many men. Although, there are many treatments available that can help improve sperm count and quality and thus increase the chance of having a child. It is always crucial to consult a professional medical expert regarding the best treatment for you and whenever needed try making visible changes in your lifestyle to improve overall health and fertility. With the correct treatment option after consulting the doctor, you can overcome Oligospermia and eventually start a family.

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